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Lawyer the US is a person who conducts lawsuits, and offers advises on legal matters to his clients in court or outside court. A lawyer in the US can therefore venture into a specialized field of law, perfect the same and strictly offer services on that branch of law. Attorney in the US is used synonymously with the word lawyer since there is little difference which is not made in the United States as much as a slight difference exists between the two. The distinction therefore is in the fact that a lawyer is anyone who has studied and graduated in law, whereas an attorney is a person who has studied law and is practicing the same in a court of law.

Types of law in the US

Common law can be defined as ancient law that has been built from societal customs and is recognizes as well as enforced by courts as law. Since this law emanates from laws that governed England any country that was colonized by England, United States included is governed by the same and the law prevails in any law system. This law deals with all the different facets regarding life.

Criminal law is a system of legal rules that are meant to keep the public from doing wrongs that are detrimental to others and these wrongs have been characterized as criminal offences. Anyone who does these wrongs have fines tossed on them, get incarcerated amongst other penalties that a court would deem fit, and most offenders require the services of an attorney of the US unless for the very slight offenses.

Civil Law is used to mitigate disputes between two parties that may surround contracts, family law or property. This law traces its roots to Rome and is completely different from either criminal or public law, is governed by statutes that were developed and put together by the legal scholar in Rome. Constitutional law majors in understanding and making use of the constitution which comprises of many other laws since the constitution is the foundation of any other law. In the constitution guidelines of how a government may operate and what laws are enforceable are found there.

Administrative law is a branch of law that is charged with governing the administrative operations of any agencies. These laws include legal principles and laws that govern administration, regulation of the government agencies which include the federal and the state alike. Statutory laws are laws that have been enacted by a legislative body and are written. They may vary depending on the administrative nature of the same or the regulatory nature.

A lawyer in the United States who works under a law company could be specializing in either of these laws solely. Most legal firms will lean to one law or the other depending on the objective, the experience and expertise they have to offer to their clients. Some law firms therefore are strictly handlers of criminal law, while others are strictly on civil matters.

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