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Useless attorney
Before I review Ms Fisher specifically, let me give you some advice. If you are reading this review chances are you are about to embark on the miserable experience of divorce. I have discovered in this process that the lawyers will do whatever they can to increase the animosity between you and your spouse so that they can increase discovery requests, file irrelevant motions and otherwise increase their billable hours. The laws in the state of Illinois are absurd when it comes to divorce, both sides will see it. In any case, at least with the so-called no-fault divorce, the division of property, child support and maintenance are, despite being absurd, reasonably defined. As such, a good accountant could probably come up with the final settlement without having to deal with the disgusting lawyers. Lawyers are hated for good reasons, if you continue on this path, you will learn that soon. Please consider talking to your spouse and finding a mediator that will work with the two of you to come up with an amicable legal settlement.
I can sum up my review of Ms Fisher in a single word; useless. Whereas she seemed a bit more honest and caring than most of the other lawyers I have dealt with, she was no match for the lying vindictive opposing attorney. Early on in the process, I made what she considered a very generous offer that was turned down with no counter-offer. I asked her if she could push this issue and she said ‘what am I supposed to do about it’. I don’t know the answer but at $300/hr, I would have expected that she would. The opposing attorney sent a motion with numerous fraudulent allegations. I asked what we can do and she pretty much told me there was nothing she could do about it. The motion was subsequently modified to contain irrelevant allegations. I told her that I would file a complaint with the ARDC (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee) and she said she didn’t even want to hear about that. I did file the complaint and despite ample evidence that the opposing attorney intentionally sent the fraudulent allegations, the ARDC ruled in her favor, yet another group of useless lawyers. Anyway, as we were preparing the defense for the motion, she told me that I was going to lose and just how much it would cost me. She even added “it’s not that bad because it is tax deductible”. After spending hours and a lot of money on this defense, I was livid and lashed out at her, admittedly I was quite harsh. She unexpectedly decided to quit, handing in a motion to withdraw as my attorney at the beginning of the hearing. The judge gave me the option of forcing her to finish the hearing, but why would I want to continue with a lawyer that I already considered useless and didn’t want to represent me anyway? Ultimately this prolonged my situation by over 4 months (and counting). To sum it up, her role in my situation was 3 months of wasted time and over $3000 in wasted money. I wouldn’t hire her to pick up my dog’s poop from my lawn.

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